our journey

In 2016, two friends who were passionate about entrepreneurship came together to brainstorm an innovative solution for the perennial business-cum-social problem of food wastage.

They found some potential for the solution and developed the treatsure app further with different iterations and inputs.

We now look forward to creating social impact in Singapore, Asia and our world, with your support to treat food as treasure!

our purpose

The problem of food waste needs no introduction. In Singapore, an eye-popping 790,000 tons of food was wasted in 2015, a near 50% increase over a decade. Various methods of managing waste (eg. disposal, donation etc), meanwhile, have their own unique challenges.

treatsure hopes to provide an innovative, fun & effective solution using new technologies. We are a sharing economy marketplace connecting F&B merchants with surplus food to customers who would love and treasure them!

our goals

treasure food

treatsure promotes the message of treating food as treasure

treasure finds

treatsure provides customers with hidden F&B treasures

treasure fun

treatsure promises a new, innovative and fun F&B retail experience

the treatsure tale
the treatsure trail
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