our journey

treatsure is an imaginative startup tackling the age-old problem of food wastage with the power of technology and new solutions.

Sometime in 2016, Preston witnessed his family throwing out consumable expiring food from his fridge. He wondered, “Might it be possible to have an app to redistribute food to others?”

After brainstorming with his friend Kenneth and market research, the duo then found some potential in the B2C space and started working on the idea.

In Sep 2017, the app was released on App Store and in 2018, it was released on the Play Store after repeated user requests. Today, we continue to press on with our mission to treat food as treasure!

our purpose

The problem of food waste needs no introduction. In Singapore, an eye-popping 790,000 tons of food was wasted in 2015, a near 50% increase over a decade. Various methods of managing waste (eg. disposal, donation etc), meanwhile, have their own unique challenges.

treatsure provides an alternative solution that will help address food wastage, while providing value to merchants and everyday consumers.